Ukraine 2019

Humanitarian Compendium

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Introduction and Needs

Nearly five years of ongoing conflict in eastern Ukraine has had a significant impact on all aspects of life for the communities residing all over the country and especially those located in the Donbas region. Beside severely reducing household coping capacities on both sides of the 457-km contact line, the protracted crisis has also paralyzed economic activity in the affected region and put an additional strain on host communities outside the Eastern Conflict Area. Scarce  employment opportunities have also led to a lack of income, inability to meet basic needs, deterioration of people’s physical and health condition as well as the erosion of critical infrastructure and public services. The protracted conflict in eastern Ukraine continues to result in the significant displacement of Ukrainians throughout the country.

IOM proposes to continue delivering emergency humanitarian assistance within the government-controlled area (GCA) and non-government controlled area (NGCA) of Ukraine, under the 2019–2020 Multi-Year Humanitarian Response Strategy for Ukraine and the Ukraine January–December 2019 Humanitarian Response Plan in the following areas: Shelter/Non-Food Items (NFI), Food Security and Livelihoods, Protection, Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH), Health and Nutrition Clusters and Cash Working Group. In addition, under the general framework of IOM's Migration Crisis Operational Framework, IOM aims to provide recovery support to crisis-affected communities in the form of integration assistance for IDPs in host communities, rehabilitation of critical social infrastructure, reintegration assistance, mental health and psychosocial support (MHPSS), livelihood support and social cohesion activities.

IOM is a member of the United Nations County Team (UNCT), Humanitarian Country Team (HCT) and United Nations Eastern Team (UNET) and actively participates in meetings of the Inter-Cluster Coordination Group, Shelter/NFI, Food Security and Livelihoods, Protection and WASH clusters, and Cash Working Group, among other coordinating bodies. In addition, IOM is co-chairing, jointly with UNHCR, the coordination platform for the UNDAF 2018–2022 Pillar IV on human security, social cohesion and recovery with a particular focus on eastern Ukraine, which focuses on joint UN efforts strengthening social cohesion and building resilience of communities, IDPs and the most vulnerable populations affected by the conflict in the east.

Note: The projects below are part of the inter-agency Ukraine Humanitarian Response Plan 2019. Additional activities that are in line with IOM’s Migration Crisis Operational Framework are also included below.

Overall Targeted Beneficiaries: 327,540
Contact Information: Contact   Contact the Donor Relations Division Tel: +41.22.717.9111  
International Staff:  66
National Staff:  387
IOM Offices: Main Office - Kyiv; Sub-Offices - Donetsk, Luhansk, Kramatorsk and Severodonetsk; EUBAM - Odessa.
Ukraine Migration Crisis Operational Framework
Requested 32,900,000 | Received: 0 | Percentage funded: 0%


  • Enhancing capacity of the communities to prevent and respond to Gender-Based Violence (GBV) - Ukraine
    Amount Requested: USD 800,000.00 Amount Received: USD 0.00
    IOM will contribute towards national efforts to prevent and respond to gender-based violence through trainings for local officials and community members, community-led initiatives and information campaigns. Conflict-affected community members in the Donbas will be better informed on GBV issues, including the importance of gender sensitivity in family and community activities, through activities conducted by Community Initiative Groups under IOM supervision and guidance. Moreover, IOM will carry out an awareness-raising campaign to inform on the right to a life free of violence and about the existing helplines and complaint procedures. IOM will also hold a number of capacity building activities for local authorities, police, social centers and other relevant stakeholders to be better prepared to provide relevant services regarding the GBV issues.
    Beneficiaries: 51,500 individuals

  Shelter and Non-food items

  • Improving living conditions of IDPs - Ukraine
    Amount Requested: USD 22,500,000.00 Amount Received: USD 0.00
    IOM will continue to contribute to the Government of Ukraine’s efforts on improving living conditions for IDPs and returnees facilitating their integration and reintegration in their communities. In particular, IOM aims to improve housing conditions for IDPs in eastern Ukraine. The availability and quality of critical infrastructure is essential to provide adequate services to the community members to cope with challenges posed by the conflict. IOM will support communities through the rehabilitation of critical infrastructure which will be able to address the needs of increased population in a view of the movement of IDPs. IOM will encourage IDPs and conflict-affected communities to conduct social cohesion events to promote understanding between the host communities, minorities, IDPs and other socially vulnerable groups. Provision of up-to-date information regarding available medical, legal, psychosocial support and services available within the targeted communities will be done by IOM through a number of mapping exercises in the communities. IOM will particularly focus on ensuring that information is accessible to women and vulnerable community members.
    Beneficiaries: 1,750 individuals

  Technical Assistance for Humanitarian Border Management

  • Support to improve services at the checkpoints along the contact line - Ukraine
    Amount Requested: USD 500,000.00 Amount Received: USD 0.00
    IOM will continue contributing to the Government of Ukraine’s efforts to improve conditions for and safety of civilians at the entry-exit checkpoints on the GCA side. IOM will support the State Border Guard Services (SBGS) to improve their operational capacity through the provision of necessary equipment and enhance knowledge on countering trafficking in human beings, anti-corruption, (humanitarian) border management and dialogue.
    Beneficiaries: 500 individuals

  Health Support

  • Improving access to basic health-care services for IDPs and conflict-affected populations - Ukraine
    Amount Requested: USD 500,000.00 Amount Received: USD 0.00
    IOM aims to increase access to basic health care for IDPs and conflict-affected communities close to the contact line through provision of specialized medical equipment in primary health-care facilities and provision of cash assistance to reimburse transportation costs to address health-care needs. Awareness-raising sessions will be conducted in communities with high levels of risk for transmission of HIV/AIDs and tuberculosis. The sessions will include topics on how to prevent transmission of HIV/AIDS, the recognition of symptoms and voluntary screening, counselling and treatment facilities available. IOM has extensive experience in Ukraine conducting voluntary, primary screening for HIV and tuberculosis, as well as referrals, under its Refugee and Immigrant Resettlement Programme.
    Beneficiaries: 17,500 individuals

  Psychosocial Support

  • Social recovery and community resilience through Mental Health and Psychosocial Support (MHPSS) - Ukraine
    Amount Requested: USD 1,500,000.00 Amount Received: USD 0.00
    IOM aims to contribute to the revitalization of conflict-affected communities through integrated MHPSS support for IDPs, returnees and other community members and community-driven social cohesion activities to promote integration and further reconciliation, with particular attention to the needs of the most vulnerable groups. In addition, IOM plans to conduct advanced training and refresher trainings for identified local MHPSS specialists and implement focused support activities and referrals in cooperation with international experts. In cooperation with the local authorities, IOM will create MHPSS centres in the communities where these are not currently available, to ensure the availability of the MHPSS services for the conflict-affected population.
    Beneficiaries: 41,240 individuals

  Activities to Support Community Stabilization and Transition

  • Enhancing economic recovery and investment in local businesses - Ukraine
    Amount Requested: USD 5,600,000.00 Amount Received: USD 0.00
    IOM aims to continue providing IDPs and host community members with opportunities to initiate new or expand existing livelihood activities by linking technical training and business counselling support with grants for self-employment startups, micro-business initiatives and scaling-up of existing businesses. To stimulate local businesses and strengthen supply of vital goods and services in communities most affected by the crisis, IOM will improve living conditions of community members by creating employment and income generation opportunities through provision of support to small and medium enterprises (SME). IOM will work in close coordination with the Government of Ukraine, more specifically, the Ministry of Social Policy and State Employment Services. Additionally, IOM aims to foster economic and social development by attracting and facilitating investments from members of the Ukrainian diaspora into local businesses and development project, in particular, those run by IDPs.
    Beneficiaries: 70,000 individuals
Ukraine Humanitarian Response Plan 2019-2020
Requested 21,600,000 | Received: 2,252,364 | Percentage funded: 10%


  • Awareness-raising, rehabilitation and reintegration of Victims of Trafficking (VoTs) - Ukraine
    Amount Requested: USD 1,000,000.00 Amount Received: USD 0.00
    In order to mitigate growing risks of human trafficking, IOM aims to enhance identification and referral of victims of trafficking among the conflict-affected populations, with a particular attention to those living in proximity to the contact line, and to ensure victims´ access to comprehensive rehabilitation and reintegration assistance tailored to their individual needs. IOM will leverage protection partner networks and capacities of the state-led National Referral Mechanism in the conflict area to offer assistance in a safe and confidential manner. Concurrently, IOM will carry out preventive measures raising awareness about risks of trafficking and exploitation and providing contacts of the currently operating helplines available to the vulnerable population. IOM’s activities will also include legal aid, medical care, mental health and psychosocial support, financial support, vocational training, and other types of assistance to victims of trafficking.
    Beneficiaries: 10,300 individuals

  Food Security and Livelihoods

  • Food Security and Livelihoods - Ukraine
    Amount Requested: USD 3,000,000.00 Amount Received: USD 111,600.00
    IOM will support the economic empowerment of returnees (IDPs who returned and currently living in the NGCA) and conflict-affected populations by providing livelihood training and in-kind grants for self-employment in NGCA and GCA. Considering the number of restrictions on the implementation of livelihood activities in NGCA and the revised procedure of obtaining permission to implement humanitarian activities, IOM will focus primarily on supporting vulnerable households to meet their basic needs and reduce overall dependency on aid. Implemented activities are based on a market assessment to ensure that the businesses supported are responding to the demand for such services and products within the local economy. A large baking company in the village of Olenivka ceased to function due to the beginning of the military conflict. In the village there is no analogue of such activities, therefore, the opening of a private bakery has significant prospects for development in this area. Ensuring further sustainability of IOM’s livelihood interventions, IDPs, returnees and host community members will be supported with grants for business expansion through co-funding for job creation.
    Beneficiaries: 4,300 individuals

  Multi-Purpose Cash

  • Multipurpose Cash Assistance - Ukraine
    Amount Requested: USD 5,100,000.00 Amount Received: USD 0.00
    In line with recommendations of the Cash Working Group, IOM, as one of the largest cash assistance providers in Ukraine, will support the most vulnerable categories of IDPs with multi-purpose cash transfers to cover their basic needs, maintain their living standards in displacement areas and improve access to public services and adequate shelter in Luhansk and Donetsk GCA. Moreover, during winter most of the communities in Eastern Conflict Area suffer access constraints because of the heavy snow and lack of services available to clean the roads. This situation affects the capacity of the community members to move within the same locations, to access services and to continue economic activities, which during the winter tend to stagnate. IOM will support communities located along the contact line through the provision of cash support to local transportation companies to ensure a weekly connection between villages and small towns with district (raion) and regional administrative centres and the necessary equipment to clean the roads during the winter time.
    Beneficiaries: 15,750 individuals

  Water, Sanitation and Hygiene

  • Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) - Ukraine
    Amount Requested: USD 5,000,000.00 Amount Received: USD 223,200.00
    Capitalizing on its experience gained in 2017 and 2018, IOM will support WASH and infrastructure rehabilitation in social institutions and key community sites located in Donetsk NGCA. Further rehabilitation to be undertaken will increase capacities of social institutions where the most vulnerable reside – including geriatric centres, hospitals and clinics, orphanages and centres for persons with disabilities – and allow the resumption of basic service provision in selected communities. In addition, IOM aims to provide tailored hygiene kits for specific target groups (elderly, childcare/nursery, women hygienic kits, family kits, standardized family kits, child/women/elderly kits for relevant household members and social institutions). Hygiene kits will be procured, stockpiled and distributed to vulnerable households and social institutions in the event of localized conflict escalation (GCA and NGCA) resulting in acute needs.
    Beneficiaries: 69,700 individuals

  Emergency Shelter and Non-Food Items

  • Shelter/Non-Food Items(NFI) - Ukraine
    Amount Requested: USD 7,500,000.00 Amount Received: USD 1,917,564.00
    To contribute to the efforts in addressing immediate humanitarian needs of vulnerable IDPs, returnees and conflict-affected populations, IOM will facilitate access to essential winterization NFIs in accordance to shelter cluster recommendations covering areas of Donetsk and Luhansk GCA along the contact line, and NGCA. Specific locations for NFI distribution will be selected based on IOM assessments in coordination with relevant authorities and humanitarian actors. NFI distributions will target persons with disabilities, elderly persons, families with many children, single-headed households and the lowest income households.
    Beneficiaries: 45,000 individuals