Turkey 2019

Humanitarian Compendium

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Introduction and Needs

With the crisis in Syria reaching its eight year, millions of Syrians continue to seek refuge in neighboring countries, including Turkey, where over 3.6 million are registered under Temporary Protection (TP). Over 92 per cent of the Syrian population in Turkey lives amongst host communities in rural and urban areas. Despite the TP regulation and the Regulation on Access to Work for Syrians under the TP, the large number of refugees accessing social services has stretched national structures and capacity to the utmost, particularly in those areas which host a high proportion of Syrians.

IOM Turkey’s response strategy for 2019 is underpinned by an integrated, multisector approach represented by several sectors of assistance including: basic needs, education, livelihood, protection and food security. In 2018, IOM focused on support provided to municipality centers (Ankara, Adana, Urfa and Gaziantep); provided access to labor market for several Syrians through job placement, in kind grants, job creation, supporting small and medium enterprises; provision of school transportation; and provided a winterization program for people falling outside the ESSN (Emergency Social Safety Net). As many Syrians are still living in challenging housing conditions, IOM also expanded its shelter intervention in south east of the country.

IOM will continue to provide humanitarian assistance and will focus more on resilience, self-reliance and programs that ensure social cohesion. Through the implemented projects, IOM will bridge the humanitarian-development nexus, ensuring that needs are addressed from the medium to longer term. IOM will continue participating in several working groups including; livelihood, durable solutions and the UNDCS thematic group of migration and international protection.

Note: The planned interventions are a part of the Syria Regional Refugee and Resilience Plan 2019-2020 and the IOM Syria Crisis Appeal 2019.

Overall Targeted Beneficiaries: 506,085 individuals.
Contact Information: Lado Gvilava, Chief of Mission; Website: https://turkey.iom.int/; Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/IOMTurkey/; Telephone: +90 (312) 454 30 00
International Staff:  53
National Staff:  408
IOM Offices: Main Office: Ankara, Sub-Offices: Istanbul, Gaziantep, Izmir, Hatay, Urfa
3RP Regional Refugee and Resilience Plan 2019-2020
Requested 54,785,000 | Received: 9,223,481 | Percentage funded: 17%


  • Language Courses
    Amount Requested: USD 975,000.00 Amount Received: USD 364,078.04
    Supporting implementing partners to provide Turkish language courses in the evening and weekends (400 Children and 5,600 Adult).
    Beneficiaries: 6,000 affected individuals
  • School Rehabilitation as Community Stabilization Initiates - Turkey
    Amount Requested: USD 500,000.00 Amount Received: USD 0.00
    Rehabilitation of Turkish schools that provide education to both Turkish and Syrian students as part of community stabilization initiatives. (7,500 Syrian refugees and host students,100 Classrooms).
    Beneficiaries: 7,500 affected individuals
  • School Transportation for children to schools
    Amount Requested: USD 3,000,000.00 Amount Received: USD 2,301,905.27
    Provision of transportation assistance to access schools in urban areas to 8,000 Syrian refugees children living outside camps.
    Beneficiaries: 8,000 affected individuals

  Food Security

  • Agribusiness Training - Turkey
    Amount Requested: USD 910,000.00 Amount Received: USD 0.00
    Provision of agribusiness training to 5,000 refugee and host community farmers.
    Beneficiaries: 5,000 affected individuals


  • Medical Commodities to Healthcare Facilities - Turkey
    Amount Requested: USD 2,000,000.00 Amount Received: USD 0.00
    Provision of medical commodities and supplies to three health care facilities as and when requested by the MoH for 5,000 Syrian Refugees. Health care facilities providing services to refugees (including MHCs) will also be supported.
    Beneficiaries: 5,000 affected individuals
  • Transportation from camps to health facilities in camps
    Amount Requested: USD 220,000.00 Amount Received: USD 0.00
    Provision of transportation services for 10,000 Syrian refugees living in a camp in order to access health facilities outside the camp.
    Beneficiaries: 10,000 affected individuals


  • Awareness-raising and capacity building on Counter-Trafficking (CT)
    Amount Requested: USD 250,000.00 Amount Received: USD 0.00
    Conducting counter-trafficking outreach activities for 2,500 Syrian Refugees through information dissemination, FGDs, and an awareness-raising campaign.
    Beneficiaries: 2,500 affected individuals
  • Case Management Support for Vulnerable, Identified and Referred Cases
    Amount Requested: USD 2,100,000.00 Amount Received: USD 273,058.53
    Provision of individual-tailored support for 4,500 vulnerable individuals identified by the IOM team and referred by NGOs and UN agencies.
    Beneficiaries: 4,500 affected individuals
  • Certificate Program on Psychosocial Assistance
    Amount Requested: USD 500,000.00 Amount Received: USD 0.00
    Support certificate program on psychosocial assistance in collaboration with Turkish university for 35 Syrian refugees and members of host communities.
    Beneficiaries: 35 refugees
  • Community-Based Protection
    Amount Requested: USD 850,000.00 Amount Received: USD 273,058.53
    Provision of community-based protection services through mobile outreach teams who will provide psychosocial support, awareness-raising, social work and case management for 27,500 Syrian refugees mainly in rural areas.
    Beneficiaries: 27,500 affected individuals
  • Integrated Services to Refugees and Migrants and Promoting Social Cohesion in Host Communities - Turkey
    Amount Requested: USD 3,000,000.00 Amount Received: USD 455,097.55
    Support municipalities in providing Integrated Services to 15,000 refugees and migrants and promoting social cohesion in host communities.
    Beneficiaries: 15,000 affected individuals
  • Provision of Quick Impact Projects
    Amount Requested: USD 1,000,000.00 Amount Received: USD 455,097.55
    Support for quick impact projects aimed at providing community stabilization and cohesion between the Syrian refugee population and host communities, for 5,000 Syrian refugees and host community members.
    Beneficiaries: 5,000 affected individuals

  Basic Needs

  • Emergency Non-food Items - Turkey
    Amount Requested: USD 660,000.00 Amount Received: USD 0.00
    Provision of emergency non-food items and other identified basic needs for 30,000 newcomers or those in urgent need of in-kind support.
    Beneficiaries: 30,000 affected individuals
  • Multi-purpose Cash Assistance - Turkey
    Amount Requested: USD 9,405,000.00 Amount Received: USD 0.00
    Provision of multi-purpose cash assistance for 25,000 extremely vulnerable households living in rural areas.
    Beneficiaries: 25,000 affected individuals
  • One-time Specialized Cash Assistance - Turkey
    Amount Requested: USD 5,940,000.00 Amount Received: USD 0.00
    Provision of one-time cash assistance for 30,000 of the most vulnerable and potential new arrivals living outside of camps to purchase non-food items, winterization and other basic needs.
    Beneficiaries: 30,000 affected individuals
  • Shelter Rehabilitation and Rental Assistance - Winterization - Turkey
    Amount Requested: USD 1,600,000.00 Amount Received: USD 1,973,510.88
    Shelter rehabilitation for 6,500 vulnerable refugees living in poor housing in and around South East Turkey and provision of rental assistance for extremely vulnerable households.
    Beneficiaries: 6,500 affected individuals
  • Transport Assistance between market and camp
    Amount Requested: USD 750,000.00 Amount Received: USD 0.00
    Provision of transportation assistance from Adiyaman camp to access markets and between camps to 25,000 Syrian refugees living in camps, based on space availability.
    Beneficiaries: 25,000 affected individuals


  • Cash for Work
    Amount Requested: USD 1,000,000.00 Amount Received: USD 170,661.58
    Provision of cash-for-work through community stabilization activities to 300 Syrian refugees and the host community.
    Beneficiaries: 300 affected individuals
  • Entrepreneurship Training and Grants - Turkey
    Amount Requested: USD 400,000.00 Amount Received: USD 105,074.72
    Conduct entrepreneurship training and grants to Turkish-Syrian start-ups to 200 Syrian refugees.
    Beneficiaries: 200 affected individuals
  • In-kind Grants
    Amount Requested: USD 1,500,000.00 Amount Received: USD 637,136.57
    Provision of in-kind grants for 1,000 refugee and host community members to undertake income-generating activities.
    Beneficiaries: 1,000 affected individuals
  • Joint Assessment on Urban and Rural Settings
    Amount Requested: USD 100,000.00 Amount Received: USD 0.00
    Participation in joint assessments carried out in urban and rural settings focusing on main hosting areas.
    Beneficiaries: humanitarian community
  • Sustainable Labour Market Inclusion
    Amount Requested: USD 13,000,000.00 Amount Received: USD 327,670.24
    Support the sustainable labour market inclusion of Syrians under Temporary Protection in Turkey, including job placement for 2,500 Syrian refugees.
    Beneficiaries: 2,500 affected individuals