Micronesia 2019

Humanitarian Compendium

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Introduction and Needs

The Federated States of Micronesia (FSM) is composed of more than 600 islands, located in the north Pacific. Due to the remote location of the country and region, access to disaster affected populations is logistically difficult. Out of FSM’s four states (Kosrae, Pohnpei, Chuuk and Yap), the two most western states, Chuuk and Yap, are most at risk of natural hazards and the adverse effects of climate change, having recently experienced super typhoons (e.g. Typhoon Maysak). Most recently, IOM responded to Typhoon Wutip in February 2019, which caused significant damage to the outer islands of the States of Chuuk, as well as to Yap. IOM coordinated closely with USAID, OFDA, National and State Governments to implement a disaster response, including the delivery of relief items, such as Reverse Osmosis units (which produce 300-800 gallons of clean drinking water a day) and tarps to serve as shelters.

Projects such as the Disaster Preparedness for Effective Response Programme (PREPARE) are critical in increasing the resilience of FSM in mitigating the effects of rapid and slow-onset disasters. IOM will seek to continue to implement this project, which at its core seeks to enhance national and local capacities to prepare for disasters, response and recovery, and to coordinate with its partner, USAID. IOM will also work closely with partners to continue implementation of the Climate Adaptation Disaster Risk Reduction and Education Programme (CADRE +). This programme offers critical support to communities at-risk, such as the developing School Emergency Management Plans (SEMPs). These plans provide protocols, such as drills, for schools to respond and recover from an emergency, disaster, or event resulting in the disruption of normal school operations. Other activities include conducting disaster risk reduction lessons in classrooms and capacity-building through training on Essentials for Humanitarian Assistance. This training touches on the principles of humanitarian assistance, humanitarian actors & stakeholders, evacuation shelter management, gender & security, post event assessments, and distribution and logistics. CADRE + closely works with local communities to enhance sensitization to climate change, and to develop community profiles as well as community action plans.

IOM has a strong presence in the country and works in coordination with relevant ministries in FSM, international and national NGOs, and civil society groups to promote sustainable partnerships. To build this strong relationship, IOM’s presence in the western Pacific is grouped into three separate country offices located in FSM, the Republic of the Marshall Islands (RMI) and Palau. These three country offices, with their respective sub-offices, are directed by a single Chief of Mission based in FSM. Given that these countries share similar challenges and donors, projects are often multi-country operations. For instance, the above-mentioned programmes target both FSM and RMI. These projects are directly in line with IOM's Strategic Work Plan on Disaster Risk Reduction & Resilience 2017-2020. This document presents a set of concrete actions that IOM will undertake over the course of 2017-2020 to assist Member States' efforts to reduce risk and strengthen resilience. In particular, IOM's projects in Palau touch on Strategic Outcome 1, which focuses on reduced risk of disaster-induced displacement through effective disaster prevention, and Strategic Outcome 2, which improves the capacity of States and communities to effectively anticipate, respond to, and recover from, the mobility consequences of disasters, through strengthened disaster preparedness.

These projects also contribute to Strategic Outcome 3, which focuses on the rapid, effective and risk-informed emergency responses that address the immediate needs of disaster-affected populations. Furthermore, IOM has included interventions that are in line with IOM’s Migration Crisis Operational Framework and country strategy to address migration issues and initiate development-principled programming to establish the foundations for longer-term recovery to complement its humanitarian programmes.

Overall Targeted Beneficiaries: 104,937 individuals.
Contact Information: Stuart Simpson, Chief of Mission Federated States of Micronesia, Republic of the Marshall Islands, Republic of Palau
International Staff:  18
National Staff:  12
IOM Offices: Main Office: Pohnpei, Federated States of Micronesia Sub-Offices: Yap, Chuuk, Kosrae