Mali 2017

Humanitarian Compendium

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Introduction and Needs

The 2012 crisis in Mali has had a considerable impact on the country’s migration dynamics. More than half a million people were displaced within the country as well as seeking refuge in neighboring countries. As of December 31, 2016, the Commission Mouvement des Populations (CMP) had registered 36,690 internally displaced people and 474,231 returnees. This figure reflects the important waves of return recorded in Mali since the highest number of IDPs was reached in June 2013 with a total of 353,455. In response to the 2012-2013 displacement crisis, IOM has implemented emergency operations aimed at providing direct assistance to affected populations. In light of the fast changing displacement dynamics in Mali, IOM has gradually adjusted its approach to also respond to the longer term needs of returnees. To address the changing needs of beneficiaries, IOM has and continues to provide support to the Government of Mali through the tracking and monitoring of displaced population, the provision of protection assistance, as well as emergency assistance in shelter, Non Food Items (NFI), potable water, health, hygiene and sanitation. As a response to the 2014 waves of return and an overall return to stability, IOM has implemented a number of community stabilization and durable solutions projects aimed at offering populations with the opportunities to remain in their regions of displacement or return.

Moreover, IOM in Mali is providing technical and logistical assistance to the Government of Mali and other counterparts to reinforce their capacity in the fields of border management, counter-trafficking and irregular migration.

IOM is an active member of coordination mechanisms in Mali including through the Protection, WASH, Early Recovery and Heath clusters. Furthermore, IOM holds the co-lead of the Shelter cluster as well as that of the Commission on Population movements (CMP). Along with other UN Agencies and under the leadership of the Resident Coordinator, IOM is an active member of the UN Country Team with which it continues to promote integrated and joint approaches among UN partners. 

Note: the projects below are in line with the Mali Humanitarian Response Plan (January - December 2017) developed by the Humanitarian Country Team. Furthermore, IOM has included additional interventions that are in line with IOM’s Migration Crisis Operational Framework and country strategy to address migration issues and initiate development-principled programming to establish the foundations for longer-term recovery to complement its humanitarian programmes.

  • IOM provided protection assistance, including direct psycho-social support and referral to 6, 483 beneficiaries in Timbuktu region, among which 243 minors.
  • In terms of health assistance, IOM reached 8,158 beneficiaries in Timbuktu region.
  • IOM distributed 708 NFI kits to and 662 shelters.
  • IBM provided 7 trainings and trained a 152 people, among which 132 police officers on border management. The unit also built 2 border posts in Gogui (border with Mauritania) and Sona (border with Burkina Faso).
  • IOM supported the rehabilitation of basic social infrastructures in 5 communities in Gao, Menaka and Timbuktu regions through its violence reduction programmes (CVR), benefiting more than 40.000 community members.
  • 390 youth-at-risk received access to vocational training under IOM CVE programme.
  • IOM supported IGAs to 346 IDPs, returnees and vulnerable host communities members in Gao and Timbuktu. 
Contact Information: Mr. Bakary Doumbia, Chief of Mission, Mr. David Coomber, Programme Coordinator, Website: Tel: +223 20 22 76 97  
International Staff:  14
National Staff:  45
IOM Offices: Country Office: Bamako; Sub-Offices: Mopti, Gao and Timbuktu
Humanitarian Response Plans
Requested 12,360,000 | Received: 112,550 | Percentage funded: 1%

  Early Recovery and Livelihoods

  • Support to the Sustainable Return and Reintegration of IDPs in Mali
    Amount Requested: USD 2,330,000.00 Amount Received: USD 0.00
    Improve the living conditions of return communities to facilitate dignified and sustainable return and reintegration of IDPs by supporting community-driven basic social infrastructure rehabilitation, providing temporary employment to unqualified IDPs, returnees and host communities, supporting the creation and training of local infrastructure maintenance committees, and providing IGA to vulnerable IDPs and returnees. 
    Beneficiaries: IDPs, returnees and host community members, including 1,500 for temporary employment, 1,000 IGA, and 100 local committee members


  • Assessing and responding to health needs of internally displaced persons (IDPS) and returnees affected by the 2012 conflict in northern Mali through mobile clinics
    Amount Requested: USD 1,000,000.00 Amount Received: USD 0.00
    Identify health gaps and needs in communities of high return and provide free access to primary health assistance to IDPs, returnees and host communities through the deployment of mobile clinics.This will be done by conducting health needs assessments, rehabilitating and equiping health centers and hand over to the ministry of health, and conducting mobile clinic outreach and referrals in areas with high number of IDPs and returnees. 
    Beneficiaries: 16,000 IDPs, returnees and host communities


  • Protecting vulnerable Internally Displaced Persons, Returnees, and Host Communities in Mali through the identification of specific vulnerabilities and basic needs, and the provision of psychosocial assistance and referral
    Amount Requested: USD 1,500,000.00 Amount Received: USD 0.00
    Improve the conditions of vulnerable IDPs and returnees through the provision of psycho-social assistance by providing direct psycho-social assistance and referral to vulnerable IDPs and returnees, supporting the capacity of local protection structures, and reinforce existing referral mechanisms. 
    Beneficiaries: 4,200 vulnerable IDPs and returnees, 210 local protection structures, 252 local authorities and civil society actors
  • Supporting the Government of Mali to track & monitor the movement of IDPs and returnees through Displacement Tracking Matrix (DTM)
    Amount Requested: USD 1,500,000.00 Amount Received: USD 0.00
    To better address and respond to the needs of vulnerable IDPs and returnees in Northern Mali by facilitating the distribution of up-to-date displacement data and address urgent protection needs. This includes support for the GoM to produce and distribute DTM reports to the humanitarian community, support the GoM to conduct IDP profiling exercises and analyze and produce data, and provide emergency protection assistance trainings to DTM agents (GoM). 
    Beneficiaries: 168 DTM agents at National Directorate for Social Development, 2,100 vulnerable IDPs receiving emergency protection assistance or referral, 7,200 vulnerable IDPs profiled

  Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene

  • Improving Access to Water and Sanitation in Areas with High Concentration of IDPs and Returnees
    Amount Requested: USD 2,450,000.00 Amount Received: USD 0.00
    Address water and sanitation needs of most vulnerable IDPs, returnees and host communities in areas affected by the conflict in the North. Raise awareness and sensitize people, specifically women about water borne diseases and promote improved behavior related to the use of water. This will be done through the rehabilitation and Construction of Water points,  training of Community water point mechanics, hygiene promotion campaigns, and distribution of hygiene Kits. 
    Beneficiaries: 40,000 IDPs, returnees and host communities

  Emergency Shelter and Non-food Items

  • Assessing and responding to shelter and Non Food Items needs of IDPs, returnees, and the vulnerable in northern Mali.
    Amount Requested: USD 3,580,000.00 Amount Received: USD 112,550.00
    Assess the shelter and NFIs needs of IDPs, returnees and host communities in areas of high return, Provide shelter solutions and emergency shelters and NFI kits. This will be done through a Shelter & NFI DTM assessment, provision of shelter solutions (shelter design, planning, rehabilitation), and provision of NFI kits (blankets, plastic sheeting, sleeping mat, kitchen sets). 
    Beneficiaries: 50,000 IDPs, returnees and host communities
Migration Crisis Operational Frameworks
Requested 25,000,000 | Received: 0 | Percentage funded: 0%

  Technical Assistance for Humanitarian Border Management

  • Strengthen the border management capacity of Malian authorities and promote security of border communities
    Amount Requested: USD 12,000,000.00 Amount Received: USD 0.00
    Reinforce the GoM€™s capacity to protect its territory by enhancing its mechanisms to manage and record population movements across its borders by the construction of 7 MIDAS interconnected border posts in the Gao/Mopti area, training of border authorities in border management and counter-terrorism and cross-border crime, support for the creation of a trained false document identification unit at the central level, support community-driven rehabilitation of basic social infrastructures in border communities, and organize mass crisis simulations at borders to build trust between populations and newly deployed border authorities.
    Beneficiaries: The GoM under the leadership of the Direction Nationale des Frontières, 400 border authorities trained in border management and the fight against terrorism and cross-border crime

  Return and Reintegration Assistance

  • Support the sustainable reintegration of returnees in Northern Mali through community-based initiatives
    Amount Requested: USD 3,000,000.00 Amount Received: USD 0.00
    Increase the autonomy and productivity of local structures to promote the creation of sustainable employment and community cohesion. This will be done by conducting quality assessments of local associations, cooperatives, companies in communities  of high return, providing technical, logistical and management training support to selected structures, providing start-up employment grants for selected beneficiaries, and supporting IGAs for most vulnerable IDPs, returnees and host community members.
    Beneficiaries: 42 local structures, 1260 IDPs, returnees and host community members

  Counter-trafficking and Protection of Vulnerable Migrants

  • Strengthen the capacity of the GoM to fight trafficking in persons and promote the implementation of the national anti-trafficking policy
    Amount Requested: USD 3,000,000.00 Amount Received: USD 0.00
    Support the GoM to prevent the growth of trafficking networks by strengthening their prosecution and protection capacity. This will be done by improving national coordination mechanisms to combat trafficking in persons, training judges, prosecutors, LEO and other operational actors (transporters, border officials€¦) on Counter Trafficking, developing of a national referral system, and providing direct assistance to victims of Trafficking.
    Beneficiaries: The Government of Mali under the leadership of the Ministry of Justice, the National committee against Trafficking in persons, and assistance to 200 victims of TIP

  Migration Policy and Legislation Support

  • Strengthen the migration management capacity of the GoM
    Amount Requested: USD 7,000,000.00 Amount Received: USD 0.00
    Reinforce the capacity of the Government of Mali to provide direct assistance, protection, transportation and reintegration support  for returning migrants. This will be done by strengthening the capacity of transit centers (protection, health, transportation), providing access to HIV testing and preventive information to migrants in transit, providing information and safety advice to on-route migrants, promoting the creation of local development platforms in areas of high return, and developing mechanisms for productive diaspora engagement.
    Beneficiaries: 4,000 migrants assisted, 2,000 voluntary return, 1,200 reintegration