Ukraine 2018

Humanitarian Compendium

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Introduction and Needs

The conflict in eastern Ukraine, ongoing since 2014, continues to trigger humanitarian needs, claim lives and result in damage to critical public and private infrastructure. Protracted displacement remains a significant challenge and lack of livelihood opportunities forces some internally displaced persons (IDPs) to return to insecure areas. To date, the Government of Ukraine has officially registered approximately 1.5 million people as internally displaced. The protracted nature of the crisis has an impact on all aspects of life for civilians living along the contact line in Eastern Ukraine. Moreover, the conflict has paralyzed economic activity in the East, with many large business enterprises having closed down, resulting in a deterioration of the overall socio-economic situation. At the household level, few employment opportunities have led to lack of income and inability of families to meet their basic needs.

Given the unpredictable nature of the conflict, IOM plans to target its assistance in a responsive and timely manner to meet the most urgent humanitarian needs present in Eastern Ukraine, while simultaneously increase the resilience of households in conflict affected communities. Particularly, IOM plans to continue emergency assistance through distribution of winterization and hygiene non-food items, multi-purpose cash, and rehabilitation of critical social infrastructure. Moreover, bridging the gap between humanitarian and development interventions will be a strong focus to simultaneously address the urgent and longer-term needs of conflict-affected communities in the Donbas.

IOM has a strong operational presence in Eastern Ukraine, with offices and activities ongoing in the government controlled area (GCA) and non-government controlled area (NGCA) of Luhansk and Donetsk. IOM actively participates in the Shelter/NFI, Food Security and Livelihoods, Protection and WASH clusters as well as in meetings of the Cash Working Group and United Nations Eastern Team. Strong relationships have been developed between IOM and the Government of Ukraine through close collaboration with relevant ministries, including the Ministry of Social Policy and Ministry of IDPs and Occupied Territories.

Overall Targeted Beneficiaries: Over 650,000 IDPs, returnees, host communities, conflict affected populations, relevant officials of the Government of Ukraine
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Ukraine Humanitarian Response Plan
Requested 16,198,603 | Received: 0 | Percentage funded: 0%


  • Amount Requested: USD 2,500,000.00 Amount Received: USD 0.00

  Shelter and Non-food items

  • Amount Requested: USD 3,937,600.00 Amount Received: USD 0.00

  Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene

  • Amount Requested: USD 4,815,000.00 Amount Received: USD 0.00

  Livelihoods and Social Cohesion

  • Amount Requested: USD 3,858,003.00 Amount Received: USD 0.00

  Multi-Purpose Cash

  • Amount Requested: USD 1,088,000.00 Amount Received: USD 0.00
Ukraine Migration Crisis Operational Framework
Requested 18,801,397 | Received: 0 | Percentage funded: 0%

  Disaster Risk Reduction and Resilience Building

  • Amount Requested: USD 7,901,397.00 Amount Received: USD 0.00

  Camp Management and Displacement Tracking

  • Amount Requested: USD 400,000.00 Amount Received: USD 0.00

  Health Support

  • Amount Requested: USD 1,500,000.00 Amount Received: USD

  Activities to Support Community Stabilization and Transition

  • Amount Requested: USD 9,000,000.00 Amount Received: USD 0.00