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Introduction and Needs

In Niger, the Diffa region has been hosting populations displaced by Boko Haram related violence in the Northern states of Nigeria since 2013. The situation deteriorated dramatically in February 2015, with the first attacks on Niger territory in the Diffa region which have been ongoing since. Displacements became a mixed situation, which included not only Nigerian refugees and Nigerien returnees but also Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs), who surpassed the numbers of those arriving from Nigeria. As of the latest displacement figures for the Diffa region dated October 2017, the affected population stands at 129,015 IDPs, 108,470 refugees and 14,820 returnees. Niger is also prone to periodic flooding every year with the impact of this on the population affected increasing every year. In 2017, 206,533 individuals were affected with 91,381 in need of shelter and non-food items (NFI). Needs of people affected are urgent and national and local capacities are increasingly more stretched to cope with the situation.

In 2018, IOM aims to contribute to the protection of the beneficiaries through the improvement of the living conditions of the affected population in Niger by direct assistance with emergency shelters, transitional shelters (in more stable sites in Diffa region where security condition allow) and NFIs. The transitional shelter support will be accompanied with livelihood assistance to improve on the resilience of the affected household.

IOM is the Co-lead of the shelter and NFI working group in Niger where IOM works in direct collaboration with the ministry of humanitarian action and disaster management to coordinate the response of the shelter and NFI working group partners. IOM also coordinates its response with local authorities through collaborations with youth associations registered in local municipalities for the delivery of IOMs assistance through cash for work schemes.

Overall Targeted Beneficiaries: 185,961 IDPs, returnees and 10,522 Refugees
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Niger Humanitarian Response Plan
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  Shelter and Non-food items

  • Amount Requested: USD 7,011,919.00 Amount Received: USD 0.00
Nigeria Regional Refugee Response Plan
Requested 696,381 | Received: 0 | Percentage funded: 0%

  Shelter and Non-food items

  • Amount Requested: USD 696,381.00 Amount Received: USD 0.00