Lebanon 2018

Humanitarian Compendium

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Introduction and Needs

Amidst a stable but unpredictable political and security situation, Lebanon remains at the forefront of one of the worst humanitarian crises. The country is facing challenges in dealing with a protracted crisis, hosting a large number of Syrian refugees (about 1.5 million individuals according to Government estimates) in addition to 300,000 Palestinian refugees, making Lebanon the country with the highest refugee density in the world. Access for these groups to basic services is limited and their vulnerabilities widespread, putting a severe strain on Lebanese host communities. As a consequence, host community fatigue has been steadily rising, heightened competition over already limited jobs as well as exacerbating mutually negative perceptions has led to increased tensions between displaced populations and host communities.

In order to meet the exigencies of the crisis, IOM plans to provide a wide range of assistance to vulnerable populations, combining different emergency aid and development assistance elements. IOM aims to remain one of the strongest contributors to social stability and in promoting social cohesion and economic inclusion of affected communities through locally driven multi-sectoral interventions at the community level including the provision of in-kind grants and short-term livelihoods support. Shelter interventions and basic assistance activities as well as the provision of emergency health care are envisaged to respond to immediate needs on the ground. IOM also aims to strengthen the resilience of communities through the provision of psychosocial support (PSS).

IOM is an active member of 5 sectors (see below). The high presence of staff across the country, particularly in poor and vulnerable areas such as Akkar, Tripoli, the Beqaa and the South of Lebanon, allows for multi-sectorial interventions. IOM maintains close relationships with government counterparts both at a national and local level and humanitarian partners, particularly UN Agencies. 

Overall Targeted Beneficiaries: 150,000 displaced Syrians, host communities and Lebanese returnees
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Syria Regional Refugee and Resilience Plan
Requested 15,000,000 | Received: 0 | Percentage funded: 0%


  • Amount Requested: USD 1,670,000.00 Amount Received: USD 0.00


  • Amount Requested: USD 1,730,000.00 Amount Received: USD 0.00

  Basic Needs

  • Amount Requested: USD 600,000.00 Amount Received: USD 0.00

  Livelihoods and Social Cohesion

  • Amount Requested: USD 1,000,000.00 Amount Received: USD

  Social Stability

  • Amount Requested: USD 10,000,000.00 Amount Received: USD 0.00